America lags far behind in the race to develop new domain zones in Internet

Recent studies have shown that in the development of new domains People’s Republic of China is far ahead of America. US until recently, has been a leader on this issue.

Today figures suggest otherwise. More than 50% of users of the United States of America are not even aware of the implemented projects New gTLD. In China, they do not know the amount does not exceed 4% of the total number of Internet users.

Skeptical about the new gTLD in America are 44% of the users in China – 14%. The difference is huge.
The third part of the American marketers sure that the development of new domains only bring chaos in the online environment. In contrast to the American community, the global rating shows 43% negative-minded marketers on the development of new domains.

Generally, in contrast to the US, China users more enlightened and positive about the new domains. The third part of the Chinese already had to deal with new domains, or at least know of their existence, whereas among Americans, the figure is only 21%.

A huge difference, especially in the conditions that the bulk of new domain zones appeared only this year.

In contrast to Chinese users, US citizens show a totally different attitude in relation to the acquisition of domain names in the new zones. On his definitive disposition never buy a domain in new areas declared 8% of Internet users. Only 7% of Americans are willing to invest in buying a domain name.

According to experts, such sentiments among Chinese Internet users are quite justified. First of all, it explains the high rate of growth of demand for Chinese-language domains (IDN).

In America, a similar deficit is not observed, since the bulk of existing domains today uses the Latin or English.

Thus, out of 120 applications for the registration of new domain zones, submitted to the International Organization ICANN, more than 70 are in Chinese.

Leading position among the Chinese-speaking domain occupied zone. 在线 and. 中文 网 (translated into Russian and .onlayn .sayt in Chinese). In these areas, the leading fixed number of registrations of new names.

It is important to recall that more than 20% of all Internet users world – are residents of China and only 10% – the citizens of the United States.

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By early summer, will be available to “cool-entertainment” domains .COOL, .CRUISES and .DANCE

Starting from June 2014, web-users will be able to register new projects in the areas of top-level domain.

According to the representatives of well-known Russian IT-companies, in May filed an application for registration of 13 domain zones implemented in the framework of New gTLDs. Among them are invigorating and refreshing area .COOL, sitting area and .CRUISES .DANCE, club area .CLUB, as well as domain experts .EXPERT.

Preliminary forecasts regarding the use of new domain zones were truthful. Independent analysts before the domain registration argued that .CLUB club area is high in demand. It just happened. Only the first four days the domain took the position in the top 3 most popular new domain zones. He got third place. On the first and second place were .GURU domains and .BERLIN.

According to statistics provided by the company, domain .CLUB popular not only among the Russian-speaking users. It actively register names latin web-master. Thus, the results of the first week since the start of the club domain zone came in the top 5 most popular domains of 2014 among English-speaking users. Until the end of the spring Russian users will also be available to other, new area – .EXPERT. This domain is aimed at users, experts and belongs to the same category as the domain zone .GURU.

We remind you at this stage of its existence domain zone .GURU occupies a leading position among the other domains of the top-level categories. With regard to the newly opened area expert .EXPERT, something about its possible popularity of independent analysts actively debated. Some believe in its failure on the background area .GURU. Others, however, promise zone .EXPERT global popularity.

Running domain zone .COOL analysts call the most urgent decision on the eve of the hot summer days. We remind you that domain specializes in invigorating and refreshing theme, so it will be important to register sites with positive and vibrant content. Overall area .COOL targeted at young audiences user.

Analysts believe that the registration of the site in the zone .COOL – ideal for resource specializing in climatic equipment, selling soft drinks, ice cream, as well as other consumer goods that are relevant in the hot season.

In early summer 2014 to be held the launch of the domain zone .CRUISE. There will especially enjoy the users who love travel and adventure. In the zone will be recorded sites specializing in tourism. Going to the expanses of the domain, any Internet user can find a journey, whether it be a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea by ferry or walk along the Volga.

As for the domain zone .DANCE, then its discovery also starts in early June. There will register sites dancing direction. The average cost of registration web-address in one of the above domain zones will be about 600-700 rubles.