America lags far behind in the race to develop new domain zones in Internet

Recent studies have shown that in the development of new domains People’s Republic of China is far ahead of America. US until recently, has been a leader on this issue.

Today figures suggest otherwise. More than 50% of users of the United States of America are not even aware of the implemented projects New gTLD. In China, they do not know the amount does not exceed 4% of the total number of Internet users.

Skeptical about the new gTLD in America are 44% of the users in China – 14%. The difference is huge.
The third part of the American marketers sure that the development of new domains only bring chaos in the online environment. In contrast to the American community, the global rating shows 43% negative-minded marketers on the development of new domains.

Generally, in contrast to the US, China users more enlightened and positive about the new domains. The third part of the Chinese already had to deal with new domains, or at least know of their existence, whereas among Americans, the figure is only 21%.

A huge difference, especially in the conditions that the bulk of new domain zones appeared only this year.

In contrast to Chinese users, US citizens show a totally different attitude in relation to the acquisition of domain names in the new zones. On his definitive disposition never buy a domain in new areas declared 8% of Internet users. Only 7% of Americans are willing to invest in buying a domain name.

According to experts, such sentiments among Chinese Internet users are quite justified. First of all, it explains the high rate of growth of demand for Chinese-language domains (IDN).

In America, a similar deficit is not observed, since the bulk of existing domains today uses the Latin or English.

Thus, out of 120 applications for the registration of new domain zones, submitted to the International Organization ICANN, more than 70 are in Chinese.

Leading position among the Chinese-speaking domain occupied zone. 在线 and. 中文 网 (translated into Russian and .onlayn .sayt in Chinese). In these areas, the leading fixed number of registrations of new names.

It is important to recall that more than 20% of all Internet users world – are residents of China and only 10% – the citizens of the United States.

American analysts argue for increasing the popularity of the registration of new names in the opened areas among US web-users need to develop new instruments of motivation. In particular, first of all, you need to raise interest among small and medium-sized businesses, as it was in the role they fill the newly created domain space. To do this, you must promote among Americans prospects for new domains and their availability.